La formación de Los Ángeles Dummy acaba de fichar con Trouble in Mind, una de las discográficas con más gusto del planeta. Esta banda tiene una habilidad única para conducirlo todo hacia esos terrenos donde la psicodelia se muestra de una forma absorbente y ruidosa. A través de loops logrados a través de texturas sintéticas, nos entregaron en 2020 uno de esos trabajos con los que reflejar todo el colorido de su música. Ahora llega el momento de alejarse algo más de sus tonalidades ruidosas y acercarse a una concepción más relacionada con todas las turbulencias de formaciones como Broadcast. Melodías de lo más magnéticas, explosivas y con ese punto de rabia que acaba aflorando en el momento preciso.

«It drones in place even as it mutates in real time…» NPR
«Let’s just file this under ‘best debuts of the year’ right away.» Shindig! 5/5 Stars
«Mandatory Enjoyment opens another a dimension of layered guitars, synths, and steady rhythms to get lost in, one that’s lulling, beautiful, and serene, with just the right amount of caustic energy that conveys the complexity of life that we all feel from time to time.» Post-Trash
«There’s something undeniably joyful about the psychedelic pop that Dummy makes.» Treble
«The charming fuzz of Los Angeles noise-pop group Dummy continues to sizzle…» Paste
«The Los Angeles band’s mission statement could fit on a bumper sticker – fuse avant-garde musical elements with the building blocks of guitar-based pop music – but its Tilt-A-Whirl execution on their debut album bleeds beyond those borders into something maximalist and wonkily thrilling.» Guitar Magazine
«…Dummy’s music is a euphoric blast of technicolour, reminiscent of the best moments of Animal Collective or The Beta Band.» For The Rabbits
«The kind of neural gauze that the band creates is what we all need to blot out the barrage every once in a while.» Raven Sings The Blues
«Employing pummeling guitars and celestial ambience within the same breath, the band folds a myriad of reference points into their drone-pop style.» Circuit Sweet
«It never hurts to mix psychedelia, shoegaze, punk rock, and some ambient weirdness and see what comes out the other side.» We All Want Someone To Shout For
«The songs are explosive yet maintain an element of robotic restraint, all layered with several gauzy sheets of psychedelic sweetness.» Warm Visions
«Alternating between fugue-like Krautrock, jagged proto-punk and eardrum-shattering shoegaze, Trainor and his new cast demonstrate an uncommonly strong command throughout.» Buzzbands LA
«Our first listen to Mandatory Enjoyment is beyond my expectations…» Austin Town Hall
«Hailing from LA, Dummy employs a combination of jangly 90s pop vibes with sizzling noise-laden instrumentation.» Record Crates United
«Dummy sound energized, attacking these chords and hooks with real gusto, throttling the melodies into ppace, even as the grooves seem intent on flying off into the cosmos.» A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

Label: Trouble in Mind
Booking: nacho@holycobrasociety.com
Disponibilidad: 4,5,6 de Febrero 2022